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Reducing the Impact of Fast Fashion on the Enivroment: 5 Tips

Have you ever walked into a shop and seen something then you go back in a week or two later and it’s gone… this is fast fashion. Fast fashion became popular during the 90’s in which high street brands would produce clothing based on catwalk and celebrity current trends. Patsy Perry, the independent journalist, argues that fast fashion places emphasis on the need to produce something that is a reflection of the current trend rather than whether the product will last a long time. As a result,   “[of the] …pressure to reduce cost and the time it takes to get a product from design to shop floor means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut” (Independent; 2018). There are a few areas of the production process that has a great impact on our environment such as textile dying which is the second worlds worst water polluter (Independent; 2018). Additionally, the fabric used in fast fashion such as polyester shed tiny microfibers during each wash which then goes into our water cycle system. Furthermore, fast fashion brands encourage their customers to buy new products more often has resulted in ‘extile waste’. The fast fashion sector is the second largest polluter in the world ” (Green Match; 2018). As a result, the “UK government are launching an investigation into the impacts of Fast Fashion on the environment…” (Where Does it Come From).  But what can we as consumers do to reduce the impact of purchasing fast fashion on our environment? Well, we have curated 5 tips on small changes we can introduce to lessen the impact FF on our environment.


Modest Fashion Trends You Need To Know

Velvet Is Making A Come Back!!!

Velvet was seen on the catwalks throughout fashion week as a result, its made its way to the shop floor sisters. This season when looking for your next modest outfit think; velvet accessories, bags, shoes, dresses or all out head to toe in this luxurious material to nail this current fashion trend. Overall sisters, velvet is an easy way to bring any modest outfit right bang up to date. Therefore, we thought we dedicate our first blog to showcase some of the hottest velvet pieces we are currently crushing on. (more…)